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Homestake Theatre Works is the community theatre organization for the Homestake Opera House. Each theatre season, the community theatre group will put on 3 or 4 productions including a children's theatre show.

What's Happening

Production Request for Kids Shows

Homestake Theatre Works theatre committee is opening the production request for next year's kids show. We will be doing a show in June like this year with rehearsals running from the end of May to the end of June. Culminating in a final production.

Then new this year, we are looking for production requests for a one-act for kids to be rehearsed and performed in February 2024.

For more questions or inquiries, please email Download the form below and email Cassie to submit your production request.


School Tours

A group of kids sitting on main staircase

Bring your students to the Homestake Opera House to learn the history of the building and see it in the midst of renovation! Learn about the Phoebe Apperson Hearst and Thomas J. Grier who envisioned and built the Homestake Opera House in 1914.

Discounted tour rates are offered for groups larger than 10 students.


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