Capital Campaign for Restoration

The Homestake Opera House suffered a devastating fire in 1984. The building sat empty for several years after the fire until a non-profit was formed in the early 2000's to restore the building. Work has been done over last couple of decades to restore the plasterwork and other details in the lobby and theatre space.

In 2019 the board of directors and staff started a capital campaign to raise $8 million to finish the restoration and add things to the facility like HVAC, a freight elevator and a fire suppression system. The campaign reached 40% of the goal at $3.2 million and the board of directors and staff decided to publicly announce the campaign in May of 2022. Work continues on the campaign to reach the $8 million goal.

To learn more about our "Jewel of the Hills Campaign" to raise $8M, read the press release below. If you are interested in donating or learning more about how to support this campaign, contact us at 605-584-2067.

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The Campaign at Work

Jack & Vianne Kucera are leading the way with the Capital Campaign as they have committed $1.5 million to the project. Jack and Vianne are passionate about philanthropy and have donated to several organizations, most notably the Air Force Academy. While Jack and Vianne have several locations they call home, the Black Hills and Lead are where their hearts are and their roots run deep. Both of their families have been extensively involved in the Opera House over the years. From Vianne's grandmother playing the piano during the silent movie era to Jack's father volunteering as the go-to electrician for the Opera House.

From our honorary co-chairs of the Capital Campaign Leadership committee, Jack & Vianne Kucera:

". . . Lead was the centerpiece of that splendor - especially the Opera House. We know that much help and support is needed and are hopeful that our contribution is that much-needed stepping stone in restoring that community pride that we witnessed growing up." - Vianne Kucera

"Vianne and I feel strongly that being the lead donors on the complete and final restoration of the Opera House has the potential to be the focal point of that civic pride and rejuvenation of Lead. . . That is our vision, our dream, in choosing to support this extremely important project. We have been blessed and feel a deep sense of obligation to be a blessing to others." - Jack Kucera

In this month's update, we take a look at an important part of the legacy of Phoebe Hearst.

We visited with Rob Carr, a long-time Lead Firefighter and City Commissioner to discuss the importance of fire suppression in asset protection.

In this month's update, we look back to look forward as we interview Thomas Golden, Executive Director of the Homestake Opera House.

In January, crews began to erect scaffolding in the theater of the Opera House and work began on the first phase of a multi-stage restoration process--the installation of modern fire suppression and safety systems!

In this month's update, Ken Bauman and Jacque Fuller, two former mayors of Lead, South Dakota remember the horrific fire that destroyed the theater of the Homestake Opera House in 1984.


Lead Forward Campaign

On January 10, 2023 we launched the Lead Forward Campaign to raise money for the Jewel of the Black Hills capital campaign to restore the Homestake Opera House. The Lead Forward Campaign is a direct mailing campaign to local households asking people to commit to a 5 year pledge at three different tiers, $150, $250 or $500. With 500 pledges at $500 and 1000 pledges at $250 and 2000 pledges at $150, we can raise $4 million!

To learn more about this campaign and donate, contact us at 605-584-2067 or click the donate button below. Please select "Lead Forward" in the dropdown in the donation form.


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