October 9, 2023 7:00 PM

Starr Chief Eagle - Hoop Dancer

Starr grew up watching her father, Dallas Chief Eagle, dance. By combining Dallas's guidance and Starr's experiences, Starr developed her hoop dance and now dances with more than 20 hoops. However, it is not about how many hoops a dancer uses — it's about the story you share with those around you.  

"In my hoop dance, I tell my own story. The first hoop is me being born," Starr illustrates. "The animals, the shapes, the creatures represent all the different stages of my life … everything I went through to be here today. The last and final creation represents my future goals — that person I am becoming." Starr continues to add more hoops as she experiences new things. She aims to build positive bridges by encouraging understanding amongst different cultures.

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